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Who We Are

CESCO started its Green Philosophy with introduction of Alternate Fuels in Pakistan using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in Automotive Vehicles saving the Environment.

In 1990, Cesco was one of the first few companies to get the CNG Station Licence from Government of Pakistan.

In 1992, established a joint venture company with M/s. Stephenson Shelton & Associates of Auckland New Zealand, for setting up of CNG refueling Stations and CNG Conversion Centers throughout Pakistan.

Cesco has been representing famous Italian and international companies engaged in the Alternate Fuel business.

In year 2000, Cesco started its OEM marketing activities by introducing CNG Kits to all most all the progressive automotive manufacturers in Pakistan.

Notable Customers:

  • Dewan Farooq Motors (Kia & Hyundai)
  • Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited (Suzuki)
  • Indus Motors Company Limited (Toyota)
  • Ghandhara Nissan Motors Limited (Nissan)
  • Nexus Motors (Chevrolet)
  • Adam Motors.

In 2007 Cesco provided Delayed OEM conversion to Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited and Ghandhara Nissan Motors Limited for their imported CBU passenger van and Cars and converted them on CNG.
Cesco present vision after the lifting of CNG Ban in Pakistan is to bring in the state of the art conversions centers through out Pakistan under the guidance/Supervision of Italian trained Engineers and technicians for this purpose discussion is underway for a Joint Venture with one of the largest Oil Marketing and Lubricant Company.

Cesco also has a vast experience in the Specification and Installation of CNG Refueling Stations for Automotive & Public Transport sector. To ensure safe usage of CNG, Cesco provides training for customers at all levels for safe operation, installation and repair of CNG Equipment with emphasis being on right application of appropriate safety standards.